Sports Administrator Course for LuangPrabang Province

Sports Administrator Course for LuangPrabang Province

   Sports Administrators Course for Luangprabang province be upgraded skill in guidance- leading role and  the importance of Sport to society and developing work plan in sport  movement

On Monday 19th  October 2015 at conference room in Luangprabang province was opened Sports Administrators Course for Luangprabang province presided by Mr. Eun LORSAVANH Director General of Provincial Education and Sports Mr. Kasem INTHARA  Deputy Secretary General of  NOCL, Ms. Boualong SAKPRASUETH Deputy Director General of National Olympic Committee Relationship Department. There were attended by officers of Education and Sports of Luangprabang Province, including sports administrators within Province and from 10 districts in Luangprabang province had participated.

            The purpose of this course is to promote enhance knowledge for administrators in Luangprabang province especially is indicated the important of sport to society, The benefit of sport to individuals, Key role in sport organization, Sport leadership, Resolving the problems, Sport strategic planning,  The implementation strategic development province and etc … In addition the participants were also learned more about Organizing an event, Managing the game, Managing and operating facilities, Planning sports trip and Developing athletes ……….

 After ending of the course all participants had received a certificate of their attendances

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