Mission & Roles

  1. To promote the fundamental principles and values of the Olympic in Lao PDR, in the field of sports and education, by promoting Olympic educational programs in all levels of school, sports and physical education institutions and universities, as well as by encouraging the creation of institutions dedicated to Olympic education, such as National Olympic Academics, Olympic Museums and other programs, including cultural, related to the Olympic Movement.
  2. To ensure the observance of the Olympic Charter in Lao PDR.
  3. To encourage the development of high performance sport for all.
  4. To help in the training of sports administrators by organizing course contribute to the propagation of the fundamental principles Olympic.
  5. To take action against any from of discrimination and violence in sports.
  6. To adopt and implement the world anti-Doping Code.
  7. The NOCL has the exclusive authority the representation of Laos at the Olympic Games and at the SEA Games, Asian Games or world multi sports competitions patronized by the IOC. In addition, LNOC is obliged to participate in the Games of the Olympiad by sending athletes.
  8. The NOCL has the exclusive authority to select and designate the city which may apply to organize Olympic Games, in Lao PDR.
  9. In order to fulfill their mission, the LNOC may cooperate with government bodies, with which they shall achieve harmonious relations. However, they shall not associate themselves with any activity which would be in contradiction with the Olympic Charter.
  10. The NOCL may also cooperate with non-governmental bodies.
  11. The NOCL must preserve their autonomy and resist all pressures of any kind, including but not limited to political, legal, religious or pressures which may prevent them from complying with the Olympic Charter.