Rights & Duties

  1. Designate, identity or refer to themselves as “National Olympic Committee of Laos” (NOCL) which designation or identification shall be included or referred in their names.
  2. Send competitors, team officials and other team personal to the Olympic Games, Asian Games and SEA Games in compliance with the Olympic Charter.
  3. Benefit from the assistance of the Olympic Solidarity.
  4. Use certain Olympic properties as authorities by the IOC and in compliance with Rules 7-14 and BLR-14.
  5. Take part in activities led or patronized by the IOC, including continental and regional Games.
  6. Belong to associations of led or patronized by the IOC.
  7. Formulated proposal to the IOC concerning the Olympic Charter and the Olympic Movement, including the organization of the Olympic Games.
  8. Give their Opinion concerning the candidatures for the organization of the Olympic Games.
  9. Participate, on request from the IOC, in the activities of the IOC commissions.
  10. Collaborate in the preparation of Olympic Congress.
  11. Exercise other rights as granted to Lao by the Olympic Charter or by the IOC.