The NSFs recognized by the NOCL are the following:

  1. Lao Amateur  Athletics  Federation (LAAF)
  2. Lao Archery  Federation (LARF)
  3. Lao  Basketball  Federation (LBF)
  4. Badminton  Lao  Federation (BLF)
  5. Lao  Cue  Sports  Federation (LCSF)
  6. Lao  Bowling Federation (LBF)
  7. Lao  Amateur Boxing  Federation (LABF)
  8. Lao  Canoe – Kayak  and Traditional  Boat Federation (LCKTF)
  9. Lao  Cycling Federation (LCYF)
  10. Lao  Football Federation (LFF)
  11. Lao  Golf  Federation  (LGF)
  12. Lao  Gymnastics  Federation (LGNF)
  13. Lao  Judo Federation (LJF)
  14. Lao  Karatedo Federation (LKF)
  15. Lao  Pencak  Silat Federation (LPSF)
  16. Lao  Shooting Federation (LSF)
  17. Lao Aquatics Federation (LAQF)
  18. Lao Sepak Takraw Federation (LSTF)
  19. Lao Table Tennis  Federation (LTTF)
  20. Lao  Taekwondo Federation (LTKF)
  21. Lao  Tennis  Federation (LTF)
  22. Lao  Volley ball Federation (LVF)
  23. Lao Weightlifting  Federation (LWEF)
  24. Lao  Amateur  Wrestling Federation (LAWF)
  25. Muay Lao National  Federation (MLNF)
  26. Lao  Washu Federation (LWUF)
  27. Lao Petanque  Federation (LPTF)
  28. Lao Shuttle Cock  Federation (LSCF)
  29. Lao  Rubby Federation (LRF)
  30. Nakek  Lao Federation (NLF) / Traditional  Archery.
  31. Markhang Lao Federation (MLF) / Toy – Top
  32. Lao  Chess  Federation (LCF)
  33. Lao Soft Tennis Federation (LSTF)
  34.  Lao Mark Lae Federation ( LMLF)

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