The National Olympic Committee of Laos (NOCL) has established in 1978 and with reformed seven National Federation namely: Athletics, Basketball, Boxing, Football, Shooting, Table tennis, and Volleyball Federation. It’s has know to society as the mass Sport Organization in non profit and non-governmental Organization for jointly with government to responsible Sport development in Laos.

The First president of the NOCL was Gen. Singkapo SIKHONCHUNNAMALY.

It’s was during his term, when the International Olympic Committee recognized the NOCL as a provisional membership in one year and fully membership in 1979. Lao PDR had the opportunity to send athletes to participate in the 22nd Olympic Games Moscow inn 1980. Since that period the NOCL is responsible for sending athletes representative of Laos to participate in Olympic Games, Asian Games and SEA Games as well as other events held under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The commotions membership of the NOC Lao shall include:

  1. The IOC, the OCA and the SEA Games members in Lao PDR.  All members shall have the right to vote in the General Assembly of NOC Lao.  The above members are Ex Official members of the NOC executive body, within the right to vote.
  2. All National Federation affiliated to the IFs government sports included in the programmed of the Olympic Games or the representatives designate by them.
  3. Active athletes or athletes having taken part in the Olympic Games, however, the last Olympic Games in which they took part.
  4. All provincial associations affiliated to the NOC Lao governing sports movement in their respective province.
  5. “Government or other public authorities shall not designate any members of the NOC Lao. However, NOC Lao may decide, at its discretion, to elect as member’s representations such authorities”.
  • The members of the NOC Lao, with the exception of those who devote themselves to the administration of sport, shall accept no salary or bonus of any kind in consideration for the performance of their functions.
  • A member, honorary member or honor members expelled from the IOC, OCA, and SEA Games may not be a member of the NOC Lao.

“We undertake to comply with Rules 31 to 35 and the Byelaw to Rules 31 and 32 of the Olympic Charter”.

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